Discovered in 2006 by Laurent Garnier, then signed to the prestigious F Communications label, Gong Gong mark their big return!

At the dawning of the third album, the duet displays an incomparable maturity in the art of the hook. Warmer, more electronic, softer - the nutcases of Gong Gong surprise and never tire. At the confluence of genres, their music plays comical, astonishing samples, caresses with delicate, eloquent strings, or delivers a rapturous rock impulse... Over 7 catchy titles, the duet never once fails to surprise.

After several tours at home and abroad, Gong Gong prepares the stage wiht pomp and circumstance: in April in Nantes (L'Olympic), then after a micro-tour, in September in Rennes (L'Antipode). Always accompanied by two brilliant video directors, the ambition is estimable. It's a living, total interaction between spectators, music and videos. Let us be in a confused, bare, warm, scenic space, and just as with the duet, we are enthralled with the intimacy of dynamic and coulourful poetry!

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Thomas Baudriller
Bass, doublebass, guitars,
salad bowls and body percussions,
keyboards, voices, programming.

Jean-Christophe Baudouin
Drums, salad bowls and body
percussions, voices, programming.